Terms of Service I-Karate Global


G-Karate vzw is an association that offers karate lessons to individuals with disabilities. These terms of service apply to all members of the association.


To become a member of G-Karate vzw, you must complete and submit a registration form to the association. Membership is valid for one calendar year and automatically renews if not canceled before December 31.

Membership Fee

The membership fee is paid annually.


Classes are held at various locations in Belgium and are conducted by experienced karate instructors specializing in karate for individuals with disabilities.


Members are required to follow the instructions of the karate instructors. Instructors have the authority to exclude members from classes if they do not adhere to instructions or jeopardize their own or others' safety.


G-Karate vzw is not liable for any damage to persons or property that occurs during classes. Members are responsible for their own safety and belongings.


Membership can be canceled at any time through verbal communication or by letter/email to G-Karate vzw. Membership fees are non-refundable upon cancellation.

Changes to Terms of Service

G-Karate vzw reserves the right to modify the terms of service. Changes will be announced on the association's website.

Applicable Law

Belgian law applies to these terms of service.

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