• Date: 23/06/2024 09:00
  • Location DCU Sports Hall, Collins Avenue, Dublin, Ireland (Map)


Dear all,

Hereby, we all invite you to the I-Karate Global 6th OPEN INCLUSIVE KARATE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP on June 23rd 2024 in Dublin, Ireland.

Thank you team Ireland to host this valuable championship! This special event emphasizes inclusivity and welcoming participants from all backgrounds and abilities.

Inclusive Participation: The competition is open to individuals of all skill levels and any disability. The philosophy for I-karate is: "participation is winning."

Unique Trophies: Each athlete will receive a special trophy, highlighting our commitment to making every participant feel valued.

Diverse Categories: With over 40 categories, participants can showcase various aspects of karate, including individual kata, demo kata, kata pairs with a buddy, kata teams, kata weapons, and safe kumite.

We are constantly striving and introducing 2 new exciting categories: Countries Pairs, initiative aimed at promoting inclusion and fostering international collaboration. 2 athletes from 2 different countries can perform a kata together.

Demo Kata, specially designed for newcomers to build confidence, this category provides participants the opportunity to perform any free kata, receive points (not calculated), and be awarded a gold medal.

I hope to welcome you all in Ireland,

Yours sincerely,

Eric Bortels,

Chairman I-Karate-Global

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